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Financial Planning

“Success is driven by knowing the road to take”

Planning is an important management process and businesses should plan for the future. In other words, businesses should set strategic objectives that will accelerate the growth of the business. This planning process will enable you to effectively optimize the utilization of resources which will help in achieving your set objectives. Having this process done at least annually will create longevity for your business, as you will assess how to improve efficiency by designing your scorecard, increase profitability and market share.

Advanced Metrics will meticulously work with our clients to prepare their monthly, quarterly and annual budget as it is a business tool used for planning, tracking and controlling spending.  We will also develop easy and insightful budgeting reports to facilitate variance analyses. Our aim is to work with the decision-makers to better understand the capital investments needed and to understand each cost element so that you can better control spends.

Our team will liaise with the relevant stakeholders in the business to drive this planning process and use internal and external factors to project the business performance so that proactive solutions can be taken to mitigate or reduce any possible financial risk that may affect the business. Our task will depend on the types of budget required, however, the framework will be set out with our clients.


Strategic Planning
  • Revenue Planning
  • Operations (OPEX) and Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Planning
  • Annual Budget
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Monthly In-house Management Report
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Business Scorecard
  • Monthly Rolling Forcast
  • Weekly/Monthy Cash Flow Reports
  • Risk and Opportunities Assessment