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Financial Reporting


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my
destination”.  Jimmy Dean

So you have completed your budget in the planning process and feel very optimistic about what the future will look like; the ratios and the KPI targets look attainable and you are anxious about the next financial year.


Financial reporting is considered to be the end product of accounting. This process focuses on reporting on business performance to management. Advanced Metrics will not only prepare the standard Financial Statements as required by the accounting standards but our team will prepare and provide timely monthly reports of the business performance.


Our team will provide variance analysis comparing actual versus plan, provide monthly KPI’s results using dashboards, monthly financial forecasting, risk and opportunities assessment, and project updates. At a glance, you should understand your business performance for the month, quarters and full-year impact compared to plan


With this insightful reporting, our clients will be better able to understand their performance trajectory so that they can be more proactive and less reactive when making informed decisions.